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Wine Welcome Reception
Lower Lobby MCK
Sunday, 15 October
17:00 - 19:00

The Welcome Reception will be held in conjunction with registration on Sunday in the Lower Lobby of MCK International Congress Centre Katowice. After a few hybrid/virtual conferences, it will be a unique chance to meet in person. This will allow you the opportunity to enjoy Katowice with your colleagues for the remainder of the evening.

Student Mixer
Ballroom A
Monday, 16 October
18:15 - 19:45

We invite all students and PhD students to the Student Mixer Party. One of the goals of networking events is to create a space for students to meet other outstanding young scientists from around the world and to make new acquaintances and interesting cooperation. This year, in addition to having fun with music, refreshments and drinks, we encourage you to take part in the quiz. It will be an opportunity to test your knowledge, win great prizes and meet people from different laboratories and countries. After the quiz is over, we also invite you for a tour of the local night life, which will be another opportunity to integrate.

If you are interested in participating in the quiz, please join us in Ballroom A on Monday, 16 October at 08:15.

Teams will be a maximum of 10 individuals and should include at least 3 different countries. Create your own team or be paired onsite with others.

Women's Evening at the Guido Mine
Monday, 16 October
18:15 - 22:30

Nothing integrates like a common adventure. The vicinity of Katowice is known for the mining industry, so on Monday evening, we would like to invite the Women of MicroTAS 2023 to have a party at the Guido Mine. It will be a unique opportunity to ride the suspended underground railway and have fun together in the industrial Compressor Chamber located 320 meters underground. We provide transport MCK - Guido Mine - MCK.

Guido Mine, 41-800 Zabrze, 3 Maja 93
For whom - Women of MicroTAS 2023. Invitations to Follow.

Evening at SPODEK
Wednesday, 18 October
19:00 - 24:00

The conference banquet on Wednesday, 18 October will be held in one of the most recognizable buildings in Poland, which is the "Spodek" in Katowice. It is a building designed in 1959 as one of the world's first buildings with a roof realized in the tensegrity concept. Weighing 300 tons, the steel dome structure is connected to the outer steel ring by 120 load-bearing cables in the form of rod-and-cord trusses on which the roofing is mounted. From the outside, the main hall's shape is somewhat reminiscent of a flying saucer (the "UFO"), which resulted from the combination of the two primary functions planned for the facility: a sports hall and a performance hall.

In addition to the exquisite menu served to the tables during this festive meeting, we have planned a number of spectacular for you, including the musical setting of the event, which will be provided by the Warsaw University of Technology Entertainment Orchestra, The Engineers Band.

In a short program, a performance by the Song and Dance Ensemble, also from the Warsaw University of Technology, will introduce guests to Polish national dances while presenting beautiful folk costumes from various regions of our country.

If you wish to purchase banquet tickets, you may indicate this on your registration form. The conference registration fee does not include a banquet ticket and there are a limited number of tickets available.

To add a banquet ticket to an existing registration, please visit this link.

Spodek Katowice
Aleja W. Korfantego 35 (next to MCK International Congress Centre)
40-005 Katowice