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Paper Microfluidics - Design, Manufacture, Application

This workshop will provide an introduction into the field of microfluidic paper-based analytical devices (µPADs), which have seen a strong growth in global research activities since their first introduction by the Whitesides group at Harvard University in 2007. The workshop will touch on topics such as the microfluidic patterning of paper, the use of printing technology in µPAD fabrication, the implementation of microfluidics without valves and a summary of major quantitative and qualitative signal detection methods. It will also discuss some challenges specific to these types of analytical devices. Finally, a number of selected examples of µPADs will be introduced. It will be shown that in some cases, µPADs offer reliable low-cost alternatives able to fulfill analytical tasks that otherwise depend on the use of laboratory scale instrumentation. Last but not least, limitations and future potential will be discussed.