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BelektroniG GmbH
Hauptstr. 38
Freital, 01705 GERMANY
phone: +49-351-8518-8671

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Temperature control and acoustofluidics: We offer the gold standard in highest-precision OEM and benchtop controllers.

The BELEKTRONIG benchtop temperature controllers of the BTC series are used to control heating or Peltier elements in a professional way. Their accurate temperature measurement and control up to 0.001°C allows a precise adjustment of even the smallest temperature deviations.

The BELEKTRONIG SAW generator BSG is used to control surface acoustic wave (SAW) actuators at professional applications in acoustofluidics.

On MicroTAS 2023, together with MicroAcoustiX, we are happy to present "MicroLab", a new device giving easy access to acoustofluidic measurements - everyone, everywhere, everytime.