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Dolomite Microfluidics
27 Jarman Way
Royston, SG8 5TW UK
phone: +44-17-632-242-555

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Dolomite Microfluidics is a leading provider of microfluidics-based solutions aimed at helping its customers push the boundaries of science and engineering.

Dolomite's systems and products are used in a wide range of applications, including:
- Drug development, e.g., drug formulation and controlled release via biodegradable particles
- Chemistry, e.g., nanoparticle synthesis and petrochemical analysis
- Food and cosmetics, e.g., precision manufacturing of emulsions and foams
- Academia, e.g., study of microfluidics and microfluidic droplets or bubbles

Based in Royston (near Cambridge, UK), Dolomite is a brand of Unchained Labs Inc.